Internal conflict: Furries, tentacles, and an awesome blogger’s giveaway!

NOTE: I am not bashing furries or anyone who likes tentacles. Everyone has different preferences, and that’s totally okay. I’m just sharing mine.

So I’m not a furry.

Well, not in the sense of what many people consider a furry to be. I don’t think wanting to wear cat ears and a tail, or maybe a bunny tail, and using that to be a bit more playful in bed, counts enough to consider myself a furry. (Although with labels, self-perception is what counts most! No one can tell you what you are, except yourself.)

So when I discovered Bad Dragon, a company that makes really awesome sex toys modeled off of animals and fantasy creatures, I had a bit of an internal conflict. One’s opinion about a sex toy is not just about the physical sensations one gets when using the toy – the aesthetic of the toy also plays a role (ex: Epiphora hates the color pink, so pink sex toys make her really mad).

Some of Bad Dragon’s toys didn’t look too crazy or intimidating to me, so I thought to myself, while looking at their selection, “Hmmm… these toys would be cool!”

Now, concerning tentacles…

The first tentacle dildo I saw was from a company called Whipspider Rubberworks (here’s the tentacle dildo they sell). What did I think about that?

I was like, “HELL NO!” Something about tentacles, specifically the suckers on the bottom, creeped me out a bit.

And I didn’t look back on my feelings about this, until I saw a giveaway from Dizzygirl (from Novelties Toy Meets Girl) – a tentacle dildo from Bad Dragon. At first I thought “Maybe I won’t enter this one….”

But then I looked at the images again, and thought “those suckers could feel awesome in my vagina!”

Just because it looks like a tentacle doesn’t mean I would have to think about having sex with an octopus while using it. It could just be a cool looking dildo – and to be honest, it is cool looking, even when you don’t associate it with an octopus/squid/other animals that have tentacles. Maybe I’ll think it’s super creepy once I use it, but how could I know that until I try it?

So I decided to enter her giveaway!! And if you’re interested, you can too! (I highly suggest doing so; it support’s Dizzygirl’s blog, and she’s a great writer and a super nice person!)

So what are your feelings about this topic? Are you a furry? Do you like tentacles? Did you enter Dizzygirl’s giveaway? Anything else you’d like to say? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I really enjoy reading your posts. I think I LOL every time… I like the look of butt plugs with tails. I think they are fun. I don’t think I could get into suiting up and getting my freak on that way. “Freak” used to imply sex, not that I think Furries or Tentacles are for freaks. To each his/her own, as long as it is safe and consensual.


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