Notes on my first experience with the Njoy Pure Wand!

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF THE NJOY PURE WAND. These are my notes FOR MY FIRST EXPERIENCE with it, so they aren’t super eloquent. Or maybe they are. I can’t tell. It only took me about 10 minutes to type them. And if you’re confused as to why I’m addressing you all in my notes, that’s just how I take notes. Seriously. I do the same when I take notes in class.

Trial 1: (8:30pm-ish, 9/4/13)

I was so excited when I was finally able to pick my Pure Wand up from my dorm’s front desk that after admiring its beauty for a few minutes, I immediately took off my clothes, put down a towel (in case of squirting!) grabbed the wand, and started using it. (Even though I had homework I should have been doing!)

I started with the small end. I felt like I needed more lubrication, so I put a drop of Sliquid lube (great stuff!) on it and spread it around, and stuck the end into my vagina. It was cold at first, but it wasn’t unpleasant, and thrusting with it felt good (I kind of got the feeling of having to pee, as is normal when you start out with G spot play). But then I wanted more stimulation, so I decided to use the larger end.

I lubed it up, and started to stick it in. Ow. That was a process. It hurt and took a while, but once the ball actually got in all the way, it didn’t hurt anymore. (It hurts a bit when coming out, too.)

I started thrusting. I tried thrusting up and down and back and forth. I decided I wanted clitoral stimulation too, so I grabbed my Doc Johnson White Nights Velvet Touch 7” vibe (the only other one I have right now is the Wisteria Breeze), walked across the room (with the Pure Wand still inside of me!), grabbed some batteries, and got the vibrator going.

I tried all of this, and it felt pretty good… but not amazing. I grew frustrated, and then I realized why it wasn’t feeling super-dee-duper awesome.

I didn’t have any warm-up! From what I’ve heard, the G spot needs to become engorged to stimulate it, and that can happen through warm-up/foreplay. I feel like this will make the Pure Wand better for playtime with my boyfriend, since when I masturbate, I don’t really tease myself. I usually get right to the point.

(Maybe it’d be good if I was thinking about my boyfriend *an awful lot* beforehand, to the point of incredible arousal, and then maybe I could use it on myself. I’m not sure.)

(Also, after thrusting for a while, my arm and hand started to grow tired. At this point, I wished both ends were large balls, since the large end was easier to hold on to. Maybe the grip would be easier if the other end went the opposite direction, like an S shape.)

My first experience was a bit disappointing, but I learned some important lessons from it.

So just remember, everyone: just because you’re super excited that your Pure Wand just arrived and you want to play with it, that doesn’t mean you should! Watch some porn or something first – whatever gets you going. Then have fun with your new toy!

So, any thoughts? Do you have a Pure Wand? What was your first experience like?



  1. Ha! I can just picture you waddling across the room with the Pure Wand in.

    You said you think an S shape might work better. I’ve never tried the Pure Wand but I have the Key Comet G Wand, which Epiphora says is as amazing as the Pure Wand for her.

    I absolutely love the Comet but it’s S shaped and the way I use it, rocking rather than thrusting, it’s hard to push it as far down as I need to, to make the part inside me press up against my g spot as hard I want.

    I was always kind of imaging the shape of the Pure Wand working better in that regard. And you said you tried thrusting the Pure Wand…. maybe try rocking it up and down. Just a thought. Everybody’s junk is different. 😛


    1. Hmmm… I’ll think about the Key Comet G Wand, but I do like the weight of the Pure Wand.
      What do you mean by a rocking motion? Like pushing it up and down so it hits the G spot over and over instead of sliding back and forth against it?


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