Sex Ed #3: Where to buy your sex toys (because some companies are assholes)

You like sex toys? You like supporting nice companies who aren’t assholes? Then this post is for you!

I refer you to Epiphora’s list of sex shops and manufacturers she supports. Although to throw in my two cents, my all-time favorite sex shop is the Smitten Kitten. I’ve never physically been there (they’re in Minnesota, and I’m not), but they are committed to selling only non-toxic (and not shitty) toys. And they’re feminist, queer-friendly, progressive, and all that other cool stuff! They also have all sorts of educational resources available for free on their website (EDUCATIONAL PORN!), a podcast, blog, and awesome customer service people. Their stuff can be a bit pricey, but search for a coupon code online (using a sex blogger’s coupon code is a great idea!) to get a good deal and take advantage of sales. Also, most of the time I’m totally okay with spending a bit more because I’m supporting an awesome business! (WHY CAN’T I LIVE IN MINNESOTA?!!)

Oh, and time for the shitty companies you shouldn’t buy from. Here’s Epiphora’s list.

I do have an under-bed restraint set from Liberator (one of the companies on the shit list), but at least I bought it from (guess who?) the Smitten Kitten, so it balances it out.

Oh dear… I love you, Smitten Kitten. Please open a store near me? All we have in my city are shady places. And a Smitten Kitten in my city would become like my second home.

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