Disclaimer (in plain English)

Hi there!

Here’s a couple things you should know about this blog, written in normal-people language, not legalese.

Firstly, I haven’t been paid for ANYTHING on this blog. I have no ads, no one is giving me free sex toys in exchange for reviews, I’m not part of any affiliate programs, etc. (If there are ever ads on this blog, it’s because WordPress put them there.) If this changes, I will make sure to note this on the applicable post and/or this page. I’d also probably switch to self-hosting, since WordPress doesn’t like “adult” ads. I have paid for every sex toy I own with my own money (or my mother’s money, in the case of my first vibrator), with a couple exceptions, like items I won in giveaways or received as gifts from friends. If I review an item, you can be assured that I will be unbiased and honest, and that I am receiving no compensation for my review. (If I were to receive compensation, I would specify that, and I’d still be unbiased and honest anyway.)

If I’m being super enthusiastic about something, it’s not because I’ve been paid to talk about it. Any recommendations I give or opinions I publish are my own, and so if a product, company, person, blog, etc. gets a lot of my praise (e.g. the Smitten Kitten), it’s because I truly love their product or whatever they have to offer. And if something totally sucks, I’ll let you know then, too. I will always tell you the whole truth!

Also, please don’t steal the content on my blog. You may quote A FEW LINES of any article I write as long as you link back to the original article right underneath (or right above) the quote, and also mention that Red Hot Rosaline is the source of the quotePlease also email me (redhotrosaline@gmail.com) and let me know that you did this, to make sure the pingback worked. Also, make sure to put the quote either in italics, quote marks, or something else that indicates that you did not write that part.

If you want to use more than a few lines, PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST and get my approval! (WordPress users: you don’t have to email me if you want to reblog my article – just hit the reblog button and make sure the link to the original article and author are there.) I may allow you to reprint my article, in whole or part, provided that you link back and attribute it to me, but you MUST email me first and get my approval! If you don’t, that’s copyright violation, since I own all the content and images on this blog (except for things I properly attribute to the original author/website). By the way, copyright violation is illegal. Just letting you know.

Okay, that’s it – have fun browsing!


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