Sex Ed #4: Sex toys + college (or roommates/children/family, or having thin walls)

So before I get to the good stuff, here’s a blog update:
I’ve been gone for a few months. If you’re wondering why, see my last post. I’m kind of getting back in the game now. Just a bit for now, since finals are in a couple weeks. I’m staying on campus doing research this summer, so that’ll be (most likely) a set schedule and hopefully no “homework” or anything like that, so that’ll give me time to blog! Crossing my fingers!
Oh, and I just got a Tantus Goddess Vibrating Dildo, so I’ve updated my toybox page. I would also list the bullet that comes with it, but I’m not going to, because it sucks so bad and I don’t think anyone would get it on its own. Maybe I should list it. Hmmm. I’ll think about it.

Onto the fun stuff!

So, I’m a college student and I like sex toys. I also had a roommate last year. I have my own room this year, but the walls between rooms aren’t very thick. All this seems to add up to a complicated situation. What to do?? I’ve got some answers for you! (This also applies to people in similar situations.)

Q: I’m worried about my roommate/child finding my toys!
A: Good roommates aren’t supposed to rummage through your stuff. But sometimes you don’t have good roommates. And sometimes even well-meaning roommates may innocently open some of your drawers when looking for a stapler or something. (Children, on the other hand, may rummage all the time.) So there’s a few possible solutions:

1. Keep your sex toys in a safe or locked drawer. (Many college dorms provide these, but if you have a large toy collection, it may not fit.) You can also buy a storage system, like a case, that locks.

2. Hide your toys really well. (Beneath some sheets that are behind a bunch of shoe boxes storing your old receipts and tax documents, perhaps?) UPDATE: This is a genius way to do that. Also, Naughty Reenie has some great tips on hiding your toys.

3. Get sex toys that aren’t obviously sex toys. (Here’s SheVibe’s Discreet Vibrators section.) This may not work with children, since they may go OOOHHH PRETTY and start touching it. And accidentally turn it on.

4. Get toys that are small enough to carry with you all the time (like the We Vibe Tango or the Lelo Mia 2).

5. Somehow bring up the topic of sex toys while talking with the person you’re living with. If they seem cool with them, you can mention that you have some! Or you can not mention that part, and if they find them, they’ll just think it’s cool. (You probably won’t want to do this with children.)

Q: I don’t want my roommates/children/neighbors to hear me using my toys!
A: There’s plenty of quiet toys on the market! The (discontinued) We Vibe Salsa is super quiet (as I know from personal experience), and since it’s almost exactly the same thing, the We Vibe Tango is too. You can also try non-vibrating dildos and other things that don’t vibrate, like non-vibrating butt plugs. With those, the only noise you’ll have to worry about is your moaning!
A few other quiet toys: Lelo Mona 2, Minna Limon, Fun Factory Stronic Eins, and for people who are looking for something less expensive, may I recommend my first ever vibrator, the Doc Johnson White Nights Velvet Touch 7″ Vibe.

Q: I can’t get any privacy to use my toys!
A: This is what waterproof vibes are for: shower fun time! All of the toys I have mentioned in this post are waterproof (except some of the vibrators on SheVibe’s Discreet Vibrators page, since I did not look at all of them).

Hope you liked my tips! I have learned all this through experience, so I thought I would share my knowledge with others, so more people can have the sexy time they deserve!

Do you have any more tips for people with roommates/children? What are your favorite waterproof/quiet toys? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I live with my children and my mom resides with me until she moves. My mom knows that I do reviews and it does not bother her. Shit she gets half my stuff at the damn door for me. As for my kids I try to keep everything up and out of the way I have a 3 yr old who likes to touch everything, While doing reviews I have already had to chase them around the house to get my stuff back. It is a pain but I try as much as I can to do what I need to when they are not around.


  2. I think glass or wood dildos can be discreet. Many of them look more like artwork than dildos so you could sit one on a desk or bookshelf and no one would pay any mind.
    Butt plugs are easy to stash and some can be satisfactorily used as vaginal dildos, so there’s that as well.
    Hiding a big collection, or even one really big toy is tricky. I suggest a Sterilite container or a large purse or laptop bag until you can get yourself something that locks.


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