Latest blog news!!

I have some exciting news for you all! (Multiple pieces of news, actually)

Firstly, the winner of the poll is…….. the Tantus Ryder Silicone Plug! Therefore, it will be the first item I review! It should be arriving in the mail tomorrow, and then I’ll begin the period of testing it and taking notes, and soon enough, I’ll be publishing a review of it! I’m super excited!

Also, I just won a bondage kit giveaway from Safeword Magazine! I don’t know what’s in this bondage kit (besides a t-shirt and tote), but I can’t wait to get it and find out! If anything in the kit is too extreme for my boyfriend and I (meaning if I can’t see us wanting to use it in the near future), I will have a GIVEAWAY so one of you lucky people can have it!! I would love to show my gratitude for my wonderful readers by giving away some sexy prizes for you all, so I hope Safeword includes some very kinky stuff!

Lastly, my boyfriend will be visiting in about 2 weeks, which is awesome because A) I miss him and his awesomeness, B) I miss being tied up, and C) he’s going to use my new Pure Wand on me! I can’t wait to see how the Pure Wand feels when he’s wielding it.

Yay! It’s an exciting day. Hope you all are having a great day too!


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